Bunya Time

19 – 22 July 2013

Six months ago, when I was sitting in our little apartment in Montreal, I organised a weekend away with my closest friends (from high school).  It would be a chance for us all to hang out properly, without city distractions or ‘stuff’ to do.  I booked a weekend at the Bunya Mountains at my parents holiday rental property ‘Bunderra’ for the 19th July.  It was a long way off, but the date quickly approached and everyone started organising time off work and what food to bring.

It was supposed to be our really cold winter getaway, but it was actually pretty mild.  The boys chopped wood and we mostly sat around the fire, drinking wine and playing board games – it was simply just being all in one place that made it so enjoyable.  We went on a couple of short walks through the Bunya pine forests and stopped at the pretty outlooks.  The cloud cover was low most of the time, but we did have one gorgeous day when we all were outside hanging out with the wildlife.  All in all a pretty relaxing weekend and everybodys keen to do it annually, so here’s to the next ‘Bunya Time’ escape.

BunyaMtn-001 BunyaMtn-002 BunyaMtn-003 BunyaMtn-004 BunyaMtn-005 BunyaMtn-006 BunyaMtn-007 BunyaMtn-008 BunyaMtn-009 BunyaMtn-011BunyaMtn-010aBunyaMtn-012

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