The Waterhole

22 July 2013

This is Coomba Falls, a pleasant little surprise hidden down a side road that starts just past the General Store in Maidenwell, near the Bunya Mountains, about 3.5 hours out of Brisbane.  My parents had mentioned from their previous drives through the area that it was worth a stop, but it really surprised me how out of nowhere there was this beautiful spot.  For the first time since being back in Australia that I really felt present in my country – that sense of being alone, grass trees, and that distinctive Australian bush sound.

It was the middle of winter when Patricia, Conrad and I visited, therefore not warm enough for swimming, but I vowed to return one day this summer to jump off the rocks or use the rope swing.  I have a feeling we won’t be the only ones there once the weather heats up.
BunyaMtn-013 BunyaMtn-014 BunyaMtn-015 BunyaMtn-016 BunyaMtn-017 BunyaMtn-018 BunyaMtn-019 BunyaMtn-020 BunyaMtn-021 BunyaMtn-022 BunyaMtn-023 BunyaMtn-024 BunyaMtn-025 BunyaMtn-026 BunyaMtn-027 BunyaMtn-028 BunyaMtn-029 BunyaMtn-030 BunyaMtn-031

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