Fridays on Foot

Simply called Fridays on Foot… a bunch of photo kids get together and wander the street taking pics and doing a lot more talking than intense photo taking I can confidently say.  It’s a social meet up thats organised by Giddy Up Camera Club and was something that i’d been meaning to attend since i’ve started working from home.  I miss the social interaction with colleagues and like-minds and this was a chance for a double up – meet up with my photo friends and make some new ones at the same time!  It’s good fun because there’s no agenda – simply a meeting spot, wander, back to meeting spot, beer. That’s it!  I’ve been 3 times now and it’s always nice to get out and explore my own city!

Here’s my first FOF in Teneriffe…

Teneriffe-Brisbane-001 Teneriffe-Brisbane-002 Teneriffe-Brisbane-003 Teneriffe-Brisbane-004 Teneriffe-Brisbane-005 Teneriffe-Brisbane-006 Teneriffe-Brisbane-007 Teneriffe-Brisbane-008 Teneriffe-Brisbane-009 Teneriffe-Brisbane-010

The second time I went was iPhone only around Woolloongabba.

gabba-001 gabba-002 gabba-003

The third time was in the CBD and it’s all about shapes and patterns…

brisbane-001 brisbane-002 brisbane-004brisbane-005 brisbane-006 brisbane-007 brisbane-008




  1. These pictures are beautiful 🙂

  2. great to have you aboard Wendy! looooove the red fence in the first set… so good! ^_^

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