Tassie on Film – Part One

Imperfect wanderings for 10 days in Tasmania, road tripping without a plan and captured on film. Not many words to say about this incredible place. Just endless landscapes, tilted horizons, free camps, wildlife, sunsets, uninhabited towns, cold nights, and tinned chilli con carne on the campfire.

I took along 2 film cameras – my new-to-me Fujifilm GA645 loaded with Portra 400 and little Olympus mjuii loaded with Fuji C200. No DSLR which felt so good not only because i  didn’t have the weight of my kit with me, but also knowing i didn’t need to sit and edit hundred of photos after the trip. Ah yes. Memories came flooding back from my first O/S trip in 2004 and bringing back 40 rolls of film after 3 months of travel around Europe.

Part One.

Hobart > Tessellated Pavement > Fortescue Bay > Remarkable Cave > Freycinet National Park > Wineglass Bay > Cape Tourville > Clarendon Homestead > Low Head



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