Oh hello there! I’m Wendy from Brisbane, Australia.  Like really… 5th generation Brisbane. My hometown is my favourite city and has my favourite people, but i’ve always had an urge to wander.

It started with family holiday road trips across Australia when i was little.  Then it became a few weeks off work for short overseas city trips.  Then in 2011 we decided we needed more time so Rohan (my partner) and I quit our full-time jobs and packed our possessions into storage boxes. We went to Canada with only a backpack and working holiday visa, and experienced a somewhat nomadic life by moving from Whistler to Vancouver, and then to Montreal (travelling in between each move).  We travelled as much as we could afford, taking a trip to the Canadian Rockies, travelling through South America, the United States and Europe, and even weekend road trips to cities just over the border. After living simply with minimal possessions, multiple jobs and constant resettling for 2 years, we returned home to see our much loved friends and family.

Our time away was incredible! We made amazing new friendships and discovered how little we really needed in life. We learnt a great deal more about this world we live in and opened our eyes. We became more open, understanding, tolerant, and patient people. But most of all, we grew into better humans – I’m sure of it.

The 2 year trip is how this whole blog thing started – basically, too many long emails home!!  We didn’t stop travelling either, and have covered much more ground since we arrived home in 2013.  So take a look at where we’ve been on the ‘Travels‘ page and see what interests you.  If you’re the kind that likes fancy hotel rooms you’re probably not going to relate to our style of travel.  It’s all small budget and big adventures! Think hostels and couch surfing and long bus rides. You get it?!  It takes a lot of time and effort to edit my images and blog so i’m quite behind, but I’ll get there. Enjoy!

Here’s the basics about me:

I’m work as a photographer.

I try to be healthy but have no self control sometimes.

I say ‘NO’ to plastic bags.

I ride bicycles whenever I can.

I have a terrible memory.

I shoot film sometimes.

I hike for the scenery, not the exercise.

I love a good sing-a-long at a punk rock show.

I am quite indecisive.

I love to bake treats.

I discovered coffee accidentally when I was 28 years old (a little late, I know!).

I like the simple things.


I take photos and have a website http://www.wendyhiggs.com for my travel and portrait photography, but mostly I work with my good friend Sophie at SilverEdge Photography.  I also work for another company called The Photo Booth Guys if you care to see what they do. It’s pretty awesome!  You can also follow me too on INSTAGRAM @o0wendy0o (iPhone life) or @wendyhiggsphoto (travel photography).

This blog is for the unofficial stuff, like a journal – a few of my favourites photographs and part letter home.  One day print it into a book, just for myself.

Enjoy my adventures and ramblings.

Grab a decent cup of tea and sit down.

Much love. x

NB. All images on this site are taken by myself. Written permission is needed if you’d like to use any photographs from this site. Please contact me: wendyvhiggs@gmail.com if you wish to do so. Thank you.

One comment

  1. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog, http://troupinaround.wordpress.com
    I love the pictures on your blog. Look forward to reading more from you! Best, Shru

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