Boonah Day Trippin’

25 June 2013

Two of my fabulous friends and I decided to go day tripping to Boonah, a couple of hours south-west of Brisbane where it turns into country and small towns and roads that are in desperate need of resurfacing. But hey, i’m not complaining.  I love getting out of the city, driving around with friends having loud sing-a-longs and stopping at places that are completely underrated.  Not many people venture out here unless you have a reason to. We did. The landscape is beautiful and raw, and the locals are lovely. Just the way I like it.

boonah-001 boonah-002 boonah-003 boonah-004 boonah-005 boonah-006 boonah-007 boonah-008 boonah-009 boonah-010 boonah-011 boonah-012 boonah-013 boonah-014 boonah-015 boonah-016

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