The West Side

29 January – 2 February 2014

Rohan and I ventured across country to Perth, Western Australia where we dropped in to visit old friends and see the stunning coastline that extrudes out from the city.  It was absolutely amazing. We had fabulous sunny days albeit a little wind, and some good ol’ day tripping out from Perth. We explored Fremantle and saw Bon Scott, watched the sun melt over the horizon at City Beach and drove up the coast to Cervantes where we saw The Pinnacles.

It was our first visit and it won’t be our last. Next time we’ll hopefully have time to explore down Esperance way and possibly even do a bit of camping.

perth-001 perth-002 perth-003 perth-004 perth-005 perth-006 perth-007 perth-008 perth-009 perth-010 perth-011 perth-012 perth-013 perth-014 perth-015 perth-016 perth-017 perth-018 perth-019 perth-020 perth-021 perth-022 perth-023 perth-024 perth-025 perth-026 perth-027 perth-028 perth-029 perth-030 perth-031 perth-032 perth-033 perth-034 perth-035 perth-036 perth-037 perth-038


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