Cloudy Days in Tassie

10-14 April 2014

Back in 2014 we were flying all over the country filming for The Other Option, Rohan’s documentary.  There was one key interview we needed in Tasmania so we decided we might as well take a look around rather than just FIFO.

Timing allowed me to fly down a couple of days before Rohan so I was able to take a look around Hobart and MONA, and then go on a solo road trip before picking him up from the airport. I drove south along the coast on the Channel Highway stopping at random little towns along the way, including a place called Eggs and Bacon Bay. The weather wasn’t the kindest but with the moody ocean views and deserted roads, it was a pleasant enough trip.  Leaving the coast behind, I travelled inland to visit our German friends Felix and Johanna who were fruit picking in Huonville, and I was also able to visit my Aunty who I hadn’t seen in YEARS and stayed on her gorgeous property for one night. What a peaceful place. Tasmania is truly beautiful so diverse!

Once Rohan had joined me we saw a little more of Hobart, Battery Point and Sandy Bay areas, did the interview (our priority), and hung out with our couchsurfing host Melanie and watched Harmony play at a local venue. We took a trip up to Mount Wellington for outstanding views over the Hobart and beyond, and even managed to get a little sunshine! Other than that, a quick trip to the Cascade Brewery, historic Richmond, and a stop at Seven Mile Beach before returning our hire car to the airport.

It wasn’t a hugely adventurous trip, but it was nice to have a little bit of Autumn and cool weather compared to season-less (is that even a word?) Brisbane.



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