Sand Between My Toes

24 May 2013

Our first drive down to the Gold Coast since arriving back on home soil… it was winter, and a pretty miserable day but we didn’t care.  We only got about one hour of sunshine.  No agenda except to go and catch up with our old and much loved friends, and to see the ocean that is so familiar to us both – the beaches we grew up on.  That was about all.

Oh… and we ate a healthy serve of fish and chips by the beach. Mmmmm.

GoldCoast-001 GoldCoast-002 GoldCoast-003 GoldCoast-004 GoldCoast-005 GoldCoast-006 GoldCoast-007 GoldCoast-008GoldCoast-017GoldCoast-010 GoldCoast-011 GoldCoast-013GoldCoast-014 GoldCoast-012GoldCoast-015 GoldCoast-016


  1. Yeva

    Wendy, sooo beautiful !!!! such perfectly blue water…
    I just wish you posted more pics=)

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