Rubbish Week

5 – 7 March 2013

Beautiful Bali.  That’s what they all say… our Bali experience was different to most others.

It’s not that it wasn’t beautiful, but I really feel people should see these images because it was something unexpected that hit us really hard.    The rubbish on Bali’s beautiful beaches comes from the rivers and lakes of Java, the next Indonesian island to the west, where the overcrowded cities dump their rubbish into the rivers. When the annual monsoon arrives with heavy rains, it flushes the rubbish down-stream to the sea where the strong winds and currents push it east and onto the beaches of Bali.  EVERY YEAR!  It’s a huge environmental issue and most of us have no idea it even happens.  It’s really quite sad. How do the local people fight this and fix it?  Do they even try?  There’s too many issues with the government and this probably isn’t a priority for them.  It’s too big a problem, and would take generations to change.  I guess they just think it’s easier to just bury it in the sand, or load it into trucks that take it out of site.  *sigh*  That looks better.  Tourism continues.  Life goes on.


Plastic is evil. We didn’t swim in the ocean at all.  It was everywhere, kilometres up the beach, wrapping around our ankles as we walked along the waters edge, there was no chance we were getting in any further.  We did however find some sections that wasn’t so bad and we could still sit and watch the sunset enjoy our few last days of travel.

bali-032 bali-033 bali-034 bali-035 bali-036 bali-037 bali-038 bali-040 bali-041 bali-042


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