Jogja the Soul

1 – 2 March 2013

Yogyakarta is the soul of Java and the cultural heart of the country of Indonesia. I had a wonderful couple of days exploring the street life, watching shadow plays and the art of Batik, listening to Gamelan and visiting the huge palace of the sultans of Yogya, the Kraton. Customs and tradition are strong but the vibe young in this city, we were in our element even though older than the obvious student population.  There were small bars, second hand markets, graffiti lane ways… a somewhat ‘Indonesian Melbourne’ you could say. It lacked the pace of the bigger cities but we were totally ok with this change of scenery. Rohan was out of town most days with meetings for his film project so I had time to myself to roam.

If you ever want to see the real Indonesia you should definitely head to Yogyakarta! The colour, sounds, smells in this city are incredible and shouldn’t be missed.

yogya-002 yogya-003 yogya-004DSC_1434-2DSC_1438-2

yogya-005 yogya-006 yogya-007 yogya-008 yogya-009 yogya-010 yogya-011 yogya-012 yogya-013 yogya-014 yogya-015 yogya-016 yogya-017 yogya-018 yogya-019 yogya-020


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