The Paris of Java

26 – 28 February 2013

Bandung is situated in the highlands of West Java, and it was a welcome change from the craziness of Jakarta.  We explored the city a little but most of the beauty of the area was in the landscape surrounding the city.  It was volcanic and mountainous, with agriculture and small villages scattered through the countryside.  A couple of new friends from our hostel and I hired a driver for the day to take us around a few areas we’d heard were worth visiting.  So away we went, driving past rice fields, through strawberry and tea plantations, to Kawah Putih (vocalic crater lake), and ended up by visiting a small village surrounded by lush mountains and natural hot springs.  The highlight… well, I can’t decide.

bandung-001bandung-002 bandung-003 bandung-004 bandung-005 bandung-005a bandung-006 bandung-007 bandung-008 bandung-009 bandung-010 bandung-011 bandung-012 bandung-013 bandung-014 bandung-015 bandung-016 bandung-017 bandung-018 bandung-019 bandung-020 bandung-021 bandung-022 bandung-023 bandung-024 bandung-025 bandung-026 bandung-027 bandung-028 bandung-029 bandung-030 bandung-031 bandung-032 bandung-033 bandung-034 bandung-035 bandung-036 bandung-037 bandung-038


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