Village Life

22 February 2013

From mainland Malaysia to Borneo, the scenery changed dramatically.  We met up with a couple of friendly local guys to chat about the music scene in Kuching, and all of a sudden they were driving us to their family’s village in the mountains of Sarawak.  What an absolute pleasure to have this experience, meeting the local Iban people and seeing a completely different way of life.  We even helped unload the grandparents canoe after they returned from their farm downstream!  We learnt they built their own two-story house, and rarely ever leave the village.  We shared cups of coffee and local moonshine, Langkau.  This place is absolute tranquility, natural waterfalls and rainforest all around.  How sad that this may not actually exist for another century.  

As wiki says, “The Malaysian state of Sarawak has been hit hard by the logging industry and the expansion of monoculture tree plantations and oil palm plantations. It’s deforestation rate is increasing faster than anywhere else in the world.”

Imagine this… GONE?!

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