Low Season

21 February 2013

The best part about travelling in low season,  there’s nobody around and the prices are low.  The downside, it’s monsoon season and the air is thick and our skin sticky at all times.  There’s no break from it.

This is Bako National Park, near Kutching in Malaysian Borneo.  It was just us and the monkeys on long sweaty hikes, and with very few humans in sight.

borneo-012 borneo-013 borneo-014 borneo-015 borneo-016 borneo-017 borneo-018 borneo-019 borneo-020 borneo-021 borneo-022 borneo-023 borneo-024 borneo-025 borneo-026 borneo-027 borneo-028 borneo-029 borneo-030 borneo-031 borneo-032 borneo-033 borneo-034 borneo-035 borneo-036 borneo-037 borneo-038 borneo-038a borneo-039


One comment

  1. Oh gosh Bako! How lovely to see your photos from there 🙂 It’s been years since I visited. I was disappointed to see plastic water bottles thrown in the jungle – I hope there was none of that there any longer.

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