Two Towers

17 – 18 February 2013

We felt a bit lost in Kuala Lumpur.  I just wasn’t interested in the city too much, and it seemed like the only thing people went to KL for was to shop and eat.  Shopping wasn’t on the agenda (we didn’t really have any extra cash to spend) and the markets were just filled with cheap crap that we didn’t need… but we did eat, ALOT.  The food was amazing and great value and so SO tasty.  We were staying right in the heart of Chinatown so everything was on our doorstep.  Perfect!

Instead of wandering aimlessly through the congested city, we headed out of KL by train and visited Batu Caves which surprisingly, were beautiful limestone cliffs with temples and caves inside and a few ornate Hindu shrines scattered around the place including a 42.7-metre high statue of Lord Murugan.  We had to climb 272 steps to the entrance, and then were surrounded by crazy monkeys.  The monkeys were EVERYWHERE!! It was actually pretty entertaining, we could have watched them all day. malaysia-043 malaysia-043a malaysia-044 malaysia-045 malaysia-046 malaysia-047 malaysia-048 malaysia-049 malaysia-050 malaysia-051 malaysia-052 malaysia-053 malaysia-054malaysia-033 malaysia-055 malaysia-056 malaysia-057 malaysia-058 malaysia-059 malaysia-060 malaysia-061 malaysia-036 malaysia-037 malaysia-041malaysia-038 malaysia-039 malaysia-040malaysia-042


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