Eighteenth Floor

16 February 2013

Rohan had to meet some people at a hardcore show, so we had the address and headed out of KLCC and into the ‘burbs.  Google maps really wasn’t proving to be too helpful, but we met some kind hardcore kids at the train station and followed them through the streets to the venue.

We had no idea what to expect at a show in Malaysia, and least of all expected a live venue to be in a run down high rise, abandoned from the third floor up.  It was a weird feeling, I even partly expected the lift to break down but it didn’t thankfully.  The room filled up and the show went on.  Relentless were headlining, an Australian band that were touring in the region.  We met heaps of local kids and filmed and talked to everyone.  We were a bit of a novelty and everyone kept staring at us and asking us to be in their photos but we didn’t mind at all.  They are really the most friendly and kindhearted people and we felt welcome right away.

malaysia-020a malaysia-021 malaysia-022 malaysia-023 malaysia-024 malaysia-025 malaysia-026 malaysia-027 malaysia-028 malaysia-029 malaysia-030 malaysia-031 malaysia-032


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