Melaka of Malaysia

14 – 16 February 2013

Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) should not be confused with the greek insult… it’s a beautiful little historic port city on the Straits of Malacca that has been through it’s fair share of hands including the Portuguese, Dutch and British.  The city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site so that makes it pretty special indeed!

After catching buses from Singapore, including a border crossing, multiple bus changes and lots of haggling, we made it there.  A bit of effort but hey, what’s the rush.  Nothing happens quickly in these countries.  It was so nice to be out of Singapore and into a smaller and more aesthetically pleasing place.  Malacca was so pretty with it’s waterways, dilapidated shophouses and was particularly wonderful to wander at dusk.  The only crowds we encounted were at the night market and the bus hub, the rest of the time we could just meander though the narrow lanes and watch the locals go about life.  I totally recommend visiting this city if you’re traveling overland between Singapore and KL.

malaysia-000 malaysia-001 malaysia-002 malaysia-003 malaysia-003a malaysia-004 malaysia-005 malaysia-006 malaysia-007 malaysia-009 malaysia-009a malaysia-011 malaysia-012 malaysia-014 malaysia-015 malaysia-016 malaysia-008 malaysia-018 malaysia-019 malaysia-020


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