Sweaty Singapore

10 – 14th February 2013

It was pretty insane having flown from NYC in the middle of their winter, to the sweaty humidity of Singapore.  Extreme extremes!! We survived though and pretty quickly adjusted to summer.

Rohan had built an itinerary for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia around meeting people for a personal project that he’s been working on, therefor a majority of our South East Asia travel plans had been structured.  There was definitely time in between meetings to see the cities though, and we had ample time, if not too long in Singapore.  Some days we split up and I went wandering aimlessly, finding some very cool photography stores, indie designers and a few galleries which suited me just fine.  I was limited though, as it was Chinese New Year for the first few days and most of the city was closed while all the celebrations were happening.

We couch surfed with a AMAZINGLY hospitable host called Yesky (originally from Taiwan), in the north of the island, and therefor had lots of commuting each day.  Mostly, it was just to see the main touristy sights like Gardens by the Bay, the downtown hub, Kampong Glam, Chinatown, but we also had heaps of time with locals, hanging out in record stores, venues, hawker centres and the more residential areas.  There was ALOT of eating.  ALOT!  It was a great mix!  I wasn’t particularly fussed about Singapore as a city, to be honest.  At first it seemed stale and too familiar, just a big modern city with too many malls, but I knew there was more to it… i just had to find out.  I guess I just wasn’t prepared.  I didn’t have much inside information except places to eat.  Maybe thats just what people do there… shop and eat.

Having known that we would be returning at sometime in 2014, we gave a few things a miss.  There would be more time to explore later, when I’m more prepared.

singapore-001singapore-002 singapore-003 singapore-004 singapore-005 singapore-006 singapore-007 singapore-008 singapore-009 singapore-010 singapore-011 singapore-012 singapore-013 singapore-014 singapore-015 singapore-016 singapore-017 singapore-018 singapore-019 singapore-020 singapore-021 singapore-022 singapore-023 singapore-024 singapore-025 singapore-026 singapore-027 singapore-028 singapore-029 singapore-030 singapore-031 singapore-032 singapore-033 singapore-034 singapore-035


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