The Last Winter

2 – 9 February 2013

How could I have possibly forgotten about our last little bit of winter! After packing up our life yet again in Montreal (one large box sent home and a million things to charity)… we decided to squeeze in one last trip to NYC, via Toronto.  It was basically way cheaper to fly out of New York than anywhere else so why the hell not have one last trip?!  We allowed a week to fill, so from Montreal we boarded a bus to Toronto and spent a few days exploring the city, visiting art galleries, a ice hockey game, the hockey museum, and markets. Then from there we headed once again over the border to NYC.  This time was the last time we were to cross with no intention of going back into Canada, which felt a little strange seen as we were moving on from that part of our lives.  We were excited to be on our way back to Australia though, so it was bittersweet.


nth-america-001 nth-america-002 nth-america-003 nth-america-004 nth-america-005 nth-america-006 nth-america-007 nth-america-008 nth-america-009 nth-america-010 nth-america-011 nth-america-012

For our last 5 days we spent a lot of time in Brooklyn, as we’d stayed in Manhatten every other time we’d visited.  We absolutely LOVED it there.  If i hadn’t been certain on previous trips that i wanted to live here forever, I was absolutely positive now! It had a different pace. It felt homely, so so different from life on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge. We couch surfed in a loft apartment with of 5 other people, and i didn’t want to leave. We went out for drinks with them at night, and spent slow mornings in cafes.

Brooklyn, NYC.

nth-america-013 nth-america-014 nth-america-015 nth-america-016 nth-america-017 nth-america-018 nth-america-019 nth-america-020 nth-america-021 nth-america-022 nth-america-023 nth-america-024 nth-america-025nth-america-026 We took the subway over to the island a few times, and hung out in the Lower East Side once again.  We spent quite a bit of time apart as we both had hit lists for our last time in NYC for a while.  So I left Rohan there while I saw shows on Broadway, and another time when I visited MoMA and was absolutely gobsmacked by their collections and exhibitions!!  I usually do galleries alone, i don’t like to rush and it’s my ‘me time’.  All the classics were there, Kahlo, Matisse, Monet, Renoir, Seurat, Munch, Picasso, Van Gogh… paintings i’d studied, and personal favourites i thought i’d never see in real life!  I was in heaven.

Manhatten, NYC.

nth-america-025a nth-america-029 nth-america-030 nth-america-031 nth-america-032 MoMA

nth-america-033 nth-america-034 nth-america-035 nth-america-036 nth-america-037 nth-america-038 nth-america-039 nth-america-040 nth-america-041 nth-america-042 nth-america-043 nth-america-044 nth-america-045 nth-america-046 nth-america-047 When we were exploring the Upper West Side on our final day the weather turned bad we headed inside to the Natural History Museum, then when we came out the city was transformed.  My dream of seeing NYC under snow was finally realised.  It was beautiful! We’d seen the city in Autumn, in Summer, and now Winter!!  I skipped like a child through Central Park, kicking up snow. The lakes froze over, and the towering skyline disappeared and everything turned white.

nth-america-048nth-america-027nth-america-028 nth-america-049 nth-america-050 nth-america-051 nth-america-052 nth-america-053 nth-america-054 nth-america-055 nth-america-056 nth-america-057 nth-america-058 nth-america-059 nth-america-060 nth-america-061 nth-america-062 nth-america-063 nth-america-063a

There was a severe weather warning predicted, a snow storm coming through… our flight to Asia was scheduled to leave the following morning and we didn’t know if we’d even be able to get to the airport.  We kept our eyes on the weather reports, and flight times.  Surprisingly nothing changed… the trains were still running and it was business as usual once at the airport. We left on time, flying over the city blanketed in white.  We were leaving the minus temperatures (and our snow boots) behind and in no time at all arrive in the tropical humidity of Asia. Goodbye North America… we’ll see you again someday soon enough.

nth-america-064 nth-america-065 nth-america-066


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