Coldest Place on Earth

1 – 3 January 2013

These images are from a trip to Quebec City when my friends from home were visiting us in Montreal, Canada.  It was just after new years and we decided that the dead of winter was a fabulous time to go north and visit the coldest place on earth. It wasn’t fabulous… but it WAS pretty.

With that being said though, we had lots of sightseeing out the car window and lots of time indoors. Outside temps were around -20 degrees celcius, with a wind chill factor making it feel like -30!!!  Brrrrrr.  We could only stay outside for about an hour at a time.  The Saint Lawrence River was frozen, the Montmorency Falls were frozen, and we were frozen. Seriously.  We were really quite limited in what we could see as we just weren’t prepared for that type of weather, but it was still beautiful to see none the less.  I have NEVER felt so cold in my life.

Quebec-002 Quebec-003 Quebec-005Quebec-004Quebec-006 Quebec-007 Quebec-009 Quebec-010

Montmorency Falls…Quebec-011 Quebec-012 Quebec-013 Quebec-015Quebec-014Quebec-017Quebec-016Quebec-018 Quebec-019 Quebec-020 Quebec-021

Old Town, Quebec City…Quebec-022 Quebec-023 Quebec-024 Quebec-025 Quebec-025a Quebec-026

Somewhere between Quebec City and Montreal we even turned off the highway on the way home in search of a fromagerie, and found a whole community of people ice fishing in the local river.  Awesome to see, we stayed for about half an hour.  That was about all the time that we could manage outdoors and even found a guy who took us in to his hut to see what was going on inside!  They were pretty toasty in there, some even had  little fireplaces going while they are sitting in there with their lines down through a hole in the floor, and into the river!Quebec-028Quebec-031

Fresh, ‘snap’ frozen fish! Everyone just threw their catch outside the huts and the fish froze to death in the snow and ice.

Quebec-029 Quebec-030Quebec-032 Quebec-034Quebec-033

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