Straddling the Divide

The details… oh, the details, and the patterns and the architecture, and the art, and the history, and the opulence AND THOSE TILES!  I’m not going to bore you with too many words because this city speaks for itself. Meet Istanbul (not Constantinople) the transcontinental city with endless kebabs and 14 million people. Look here if you want a history lesson because I’m sure everyone just scrolls through my pictures anyways.

I have never been in love with a city before, but here it happened – somewhere within the walls of Topkapi Palace.


The Blue Mosque…istanbul-006istanbul-007istanbul-008istanbul-010

The Hagia Sophia…istanbul-011 istanbul-012 istanbul-013 istanbul-014 istanbul-015

Topkapi Palace…istanbul-016 istanbul-017 istanbul-018 istanbul-019 istanbul-020 istanbul-021 istanbul-022 istanbul-023 istanbul-024 istanbul-025 istanbul-026 istanbul-027 istanbul-028 istanbul-030 istanbul-031 istanbul-032 istanbul-033 istanbul-034 istanbul-035 istanbul-036 istanbul-037 istanbul-038 istanbul-039 istanbul-040 istanbul-041 istanbul-042Suleymaniye Mosque…

istanbul-044 istanbul-045 istanbul-046 istanbul-047 istanbul-048 istanbul-049

The Grand Bazaar and Spice Market…istanbul-050istanbul-051 istanbul-052 istanbul-053 istanbul-054 istanbul-055 istanbul-056 istanbul-057



  1. Luv it Wen. You have been so lucky to have travelled so much to all these exotic places.

  2. Beautiful photos ! Istanbul looks like an amazing place to visit

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