Just because

OK, so a few months have passed by and I’ve been pretty damn busy since summer decided to make an appearance, hence the lack of words and pictures on here.  Apart from outdoor activities, trips to Seattle and having my parents visit in June, I’ve been sitting on my computer, ALOT.  I’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine though and blogging for SilverEdge Photography out on my back deck with the sun on my back, plus sifting through photos from the Canadian Rockies trip to pick out the best ones to share on here. Oh, and I’ve been trying to organise a European vacation and a move to Montreal.  So yeah, all that on top of full time work… I’ve been busy.

In other news though, I’ve been absolutely loving my new Lubitel 166+ and have been shooting film a lot more.  So I’ll post some pics on here once i am more organised.  Shooting on film has saved me so much editing time (but not money) as the scanned images I get back from my lab are almost perfectly how I’d like them.  So very little or no post production is needed. Yay! Loving the film colour too and the softness and the grain and the overall look, if that even makes any sense.  Anyway, I’ve decided to try to edit my digital pictures to look more ‘film like’ too, so you may or may not notice a bit of a change in the future.  Hopefully it will make everything look a little more consistant.

I recently shot a wedding (my first solo) in Vancouver for a friend and work colleague of Rohan’s.  I’m editing those pictures at the moment and I’ll do a little post in a week or so with some of them for you to take a peek at.  The bride had requested at our first meeting that she wanted a ‘vintage/film’ look to her pictures.  Perfect!  It’s been a lot of fun editing these.

For now, here are some images that have been sitting on my desktop.  I like them.  They remind me of home, and that always makes me smile.  I miss the beach SO much.

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