The future is analogue

The future is analogue… or so they say.  I’ve got my old film SLR tucked away in a box somewhere, I know it’s there, but it’s a more simple type of film photography that I have a new interest in.  A few years ago I bought a Diana Mini, shot a few rolls then put it on my bookshelf waiting for some spare time to use it more.  That didn’t happen.  I left it with my good friend Sophie from SilverEdge Photography to learn and love then set off on my overseas adventure.

Since living and working in Vancouver i’ve noticed film is being used a lot over here, and I must admit i’ve succumbed once again to the idea of shooting again.  The idea isn’t completely new for me, as I studied photography 11 years ago just before digital went nuts.  I must admit though it’s been a bit of a flashback using it again and seeing all the colourful rolls come through my new workplace.  We’ve started stocking Lomography film, which is a cheap AGFA based film and I’ve picked up a fun, yellow, plastic 35mm Holga camera to get me started.  Anyone can shoot with these.  Anyone! They are only around $50 and only have about 3 buttons in total.  Super easy.  I do hate that i’ve become one of those ‘hipster’ kids walking around holding a plastic toy camera, but i refuse to just have it as an accessory.  I’m using it baby!  It’s SO much fun, you remember back to the days where you’d have to wait for a while before seeing what worked and what didn’t – well those times are here again.  It’s all about experimenting with cross processing and double exposing… oh my there are fun times ahead.  So far i’ve only been shooting colour negative and black and white, but next on my list is some nice transparency film.  Yippee!

Having a coworker who is totally passionate about film photography helps keeps me inspired, but i’ve found myself totally consumed by this new/old world of film.  I search websites, relearn my film types, create shopping lists of new cameras I want to buy and can’t wait to get to the flea market to pick up a lovely twin lens reflex medium format camera.  I think that’s tomorrow’s mission.

So far i’ve shot 3 rolls.  I’m fairly happy with the results and i’m especially loving the grain and colour it’s producing.  The great thing about film is that there isn’t much editing involved.  All i’ve done was have these scanned at work and i’ve cropped them.  That’s it!  Take a look at what i’ve shot around Vancouver.  It’s spring time, can’t you tell.



  1. An inspiring and refreshing collection of photographs, well done.

  2. lomomaccheroni

    nice photos!
    this is my blog!
    long live analogue!

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