The Winter Collection

Winter has officially ended but the long wait for warmth in the air will still last a while longer.  To be completely honest it hasn’t been as cold and miserable as everybody makes out.  Vancouver is quite mild and rarely gets below zero degrees through the winter, and the rain is constant but bearable once you form a habit of taking an umbrella with you everyday.  Those rare days when a patch of blue sky could be seen were amazing though, people smiled, people were happy.  I’ll never take sunshine for granted ever again.  I swear.

Almost every second weekend has had me travelling on the Greyhound up to Whistler to stay with Patricia and Conrad, and hit the mountain trying to master snowboarding.  It’s been incredible.  I’ve never really tried surfing or skateboarding so I guess i’ve never experienced that free feeling of movement, but the motion of riding down a mountainside with such a beautiful landscape all around you, i can’t describe.  The views from up Whistler’s peak are something i’ll never forget either – the photos will never do them justice.

So now i’m a snowboarder, and i’m pretty sure i’m going to need winter holidays from now on.  SO much fun and i’ve decided that i’m not completely uncoordinated, just a little unfit.  Most days have been fantastic.  Some days have been tough.  One day has been forgotten – that day of white outs, ridiculous winds, cliffs edges, trees and fresh deep powder as a new rider and all in one day… hmmm.  Luckily it only took a warm chai, a great friend, and a few laughs to get over it.

The photos below are from around Vancouver and Whistler.  Enjoy.


One comment

  1. P. Cakes

    The day of white outs, ridiculous winds, cliffs edges, trees and fresh deep powder is the day you’ll remember forever when your riding down a fresh groomer on a sunny day!! Love you! xoxoxo

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