The Fest ’10 – Gainesville, Florida.

On Halloween weekend, or the last weekend in October every year a punk rock festival takes over a small college town called Gainesville for 3 days.  It’s not in a field like ‘normal’ festivals, it’s in a heap of different venues on one long street so it fells more like a bunch of shows rather than a festival.  It’s called The Fest, and if you’re into this kind of music, you may have always wanted to go at some point.  Luckily for Rohan and I it finally happened.  We had toyed with the idea a little while back thinking the 10th anniversary year of the festival would most likely bring some crazy good bands, ones that would never make it out to Australia, and ones that might reform.  So as we were in the same hemisphere at this time of the year we went.  We planned a road trip down the east coast of America, following the masses of bands playing pre fest shows in different cities, and interviewing them about their experiences of previous Fest’s and the annual pilgrimage to Gainesville.  Rohan documented it all on film and at some point in the next couple of months you’ll see the final outcome on D.I. Wireless.  It’s not worth me trying to explain what it was like, you’ll understand when you see the footage.  I was lazy and didn’t bother with too many photos of the bands as I was too busy singing along with a bunch of sweaty bearded dudes to care.  Everyone is friends there, everyone is like minded.  It’s an unbelievable atmosphere where we all understand each other.  Just a great big party.

To sum it up it was incredible.  We met SO many good people, saw SO many good bands, discovered SO much new music, drank SO much beer, and drove SO many miles.  We even did a bit of sightseeing and touristy things as well. Ha!  All in all a fantastic 6 weeks in the States having a not so typical holiday.


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