It’s a small world after all

Seen as our trip to the States finished almost 2 months ago I thought i’d probably need to finish posting some photos.

Florida was good fun.  We went straight through to Orlando for a couple of nights to see some pre fest shows before the big event, and I’d pestered Rohan to go to Disney World with me.  More so a childhood dream than my adult state of mind wanting to do it, but it had to be done.  So we drove from Valdosta, Georgia straight to Disney World in Orlando, Florida through the night and arrived in the early hours of the morning.  We thought it would be something like Dreamworld back home and we’d be able to just pull over and sleep somewhere, but we were VERY wrong.  This place is huge and all privately owned with no little side streets or anything like that.  Just gated car parks and a fuel tank on empty.  So we finally snuck into a car park that we found with the gate up and no attendant and drove to a corner to park for the night.  At about 6am we got a bang on the door by security telling us that we weren’t allowed to be there and we had to exit and pay to come in again as the theme park had opened for the day.  So we obliged, drove around in circles wondering how we got into this place, chased deer in the early morning light, and came back in and had our day at Disney World like all the rest of the crazy American tourists.



  1. sounds like quite an adventure!

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    nice boobs!

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