I’m on a boat!

After weeks of music, punk rock shows, and beer drinking it was time to chill out. Big time.  We’d organised to couch-surf with Matt and Lindsey and their cat Oliver in St. Augustine, Florida for a few days on their boat.  Without knowing them they picked us up from the bus station, we moved in on their cozy boat, slept on a couple of french fries and sabotaged their personal space for the next 3 nights.  We can’t thank you enough Matt and Lindsey!  We rode bikes together and explored the oldest city in America – heaps of history, a fort, cobblestone streets, art galleries, pirate ships, sea walls, treasure hunting (seriously) and stretches of open beach.  Very glad we decided to hang out here instead of the craziness of Miami (it was the other option).  After a few days with our new friends we decided to move to a motel for the last few days so that we wouldn’t overstay our welcome.  The weather turned shitty but we still ventured to the beach again anyway as this would be the last taste of coastal life for a while.  Goodbye beaches and sunshine, hello Vancouver rain.


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