Georgia on my mind

Atlanta seemed closed.  Strange at first, but we found stuff to do.  We headed downtown looking to stroll through the city but every store had closed doors.  There was an underground mall that was slightly disappointing, and quite a few beggars grabbing at us for money.  We found Occupy Atlanta holding a hip hop festival and saw some pretty ‘hip’ dancing going on.  The police turned up and tried to shut the fun down by claiming the generator had no permit, so the revellers made a ring around to protect it and allow the festivities to continue.  There was a lot of quiet commotion but nothing happened too quickly so we left the scene.  Not far from there we found the Centennial Olympic Park which was built in 1996 for the Games and I acted like a child, running through the dancing water squirts in the shape of the Olympic rings.  It was a beautiful blue sky day so we made the most of it.

Like most cities we’d been through the presence of college kids was obvious.  This time we’d parked right near Georgia State University and noticed a whole heap of kids hanging out waiting for buses so we joined them and headed not too far out of town to the Georgia Dome for the homecoming football game against South Alabama.  It went on forever… they won.  And we tried to get invited to a frat or sorority party but nothing eventuated.

We parked the van just out of the main busyness of the city and headed to a show with Nothington and Cobra Skulls at 529.  Rad show in a small venue, and  Andre 3000 showed up at 2am, just checking out some good ol’ music in his local part of town.  Rohan dragged me to say hi to him, I went all shy but shook his hand and had a quick chat about what we were doing over here. Nicest guy and super happy I at least went and said hi.

I wanted to check out the Picasso to Warhol exhibition at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. So the next morning I left Rohan in the van doing some work on the laptop and headed there for a couple of hours of quiet Wendy time at the  gallery.  After some more roaming around an almost empty city, we headed back out of city to meet up with up with The Wild at their home.  Some more super nice people who fed us awesome vegan BBQ, let us use their shower and stay on their couch.  A wonderfully artistic household with art and photography and books and records and creative material everywhere.  Plus Witt has an unhealthy obsession with The Boss just like Rohan.  Thanks for the hospitality guys!

Next morning, we left Atlanta and drove south to Valdosta, Georgia to catch up with John from Ninja Gun for another D.I. Wireless interview.  Quick chats served up with some homemade South Georgia sweet tea and a recommendation for some good southern barbecue eats on our way out of town at Smok’n Pig BBQ.  Possibly the best BBQ i’ve ever tasted and had a healthy taste of southern hospitality.  Ya’ll ‘av a good night and long night drive down to Orlando, Florida now.



  1. We would love to post the second from the bottom picture at toemail if you do not mind? Just need to know which city in Georgia is the location.

  2. It’s posted now and we hope you like it. Thanks so much for participating in toemail – we really appreciate it!

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