Hello North Carolina

Our journey in North Carolina was much more spaced out with longer drives and less in between.  First stop was brief with only one afternoon in Durham but we discovered it was a pretty small city that was once famous for tobacco production, and it had some restored warehouses and factories lining the main streets around town.  We met up with Jay, Beth and Jon from Red Collar for Rohan to do a bit of an interview for his Fest ’10 project.  Once again we met some great new friends and were introduced to their music, and the good times that Durham, NC. had to offer.  We were also introduced to their mate, the infamous Scotty from Death to False Hope Records, who kept coming up in conversations and imitations from the Red Collar guys. We  hung out with Jay and Beth at the MotorCo Music Hall and let Scotty serve up some Scotty’s specials… aka many different types of whisky mixed in a glass with a dash of Coke.  Rohan got smashed. Then we left and I drove for 3 long dark highway hours east to the North Carolina coast and arrived at Wrightsville Beach at 3am.  In the morning we woke and realised I’d parked in some fancy housing estate and had no idea how we’d done it.  A huge web of narrow streets in an RV, and no clue how to get out.  It took a while but we found the beach.  It was beautiful, such a sunny day, and it had that familiar feeling of home.  So we stayed at the beach for a few hours until we had to leave and drive to Wilmington to met up with some people for the next interview.

Wilmington is a quaint town, and situated on Cape Fear River.  It is said to be a town that can be made to look like any American town… therefor it always has film crews around shooting street scenes on any given night.  It’s most notable show is Dawson’s Creek, but there are a heaps of other movies and shows shot there.  We met up with Kelly and Charlie at the Soapbox Laundro Lounge, a venue and bar with a laundromat out the back (great idea) and we sat down to chat to them about their involvement with Fest ’10 and their pre-fest festival they’d started called South Bound and Down.  Turns out they’d missed out on tickets to The Fest ’10 in Gainesville and figured that what the hell, they’d just bring all the bands to them to play a show.  Somehow they managed to get a ton of really awesome bands commit and they ended up being able to but on a 2 day event.  They pulled it off and its most likely to happen again next year.

As it turns out, once again, we ended up getting the ‘locals’ tour of Wilmington and visited Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn then moved on for a drink at the bar which features in the East Bound and Down TV series.  Ended the night back at the Soapbox Laundro Lounge with some Captain Morgans and watched a bluegrass band.  No complaints and a great night, then huge drive to Atlanta, Georgia the next day.


One comment

  1. Jen

    What fantastic photos, you certainly had a great time. I love the beaches and restaurants in North Carolina, it’s a perfect place to relax and unwind.

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