Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Our road trip had officially started now that we had our wheels (in the form of a compact RV called Ellen).  We travelled west to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and saw the few must see’s of the city including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Rocky stairs (aka The Philadelphia Museum of Art), South Street, had a general wander around the old town.  We also met up with some really rad people who Rohan had contacted to do an interview for his Fest ’10 project.  Nicest people in the world!  Not only were they happy to hang out with us and take us around the city, they also invited us in, fed us the most amazing vegan dinner and let us sleep on their floor for a few nights.  Good times had by all and a massive THANK YOU to Dan and Justin’s entire household.  Check out One Win Choice’s music here – 

Rooftops in Philly

Eye’s Gallery mosaic by artist Isaiah Zagar on South Street

Onwards from Philly we headed to Baltimore, Maryland.  We only stopped here for one night and struggled to find anything to do as the weather had turned pretty awful.  All we wanted to do was stay indoors but now we had to experience our first night in Ellen with nowhere to park.  We found a local show to go to and got word of a ‘good’ area to head to after it ended, parking next to a graveyard where the old souls protected us for the night.  We hung out for the morning in a cafe down the street drinking endless cups of tea and stealing internet and power, then carried on south to Washington, DC.

Once again we arrived in a new city with no idea what area was good to park in.  After driving around in circles we found somewhere on a subway line just outside of the downtown area where we could leave the RV for a few days and still easily get into town.  I was actually pleasantly surprised by Washington.  It’s a really clean city, spread out, and had enough galleries and museums to keep you there for months.  However, the three things on my list of what I wanted to see failed me.  The Puffy Shirt (Seinfeld) was gone, the Obama ‘Hope’ poster (Shepard Fairey) was gone, and the Reflecting pool (of Forrest Gump fame and many other reasons) was empty and under construction.  Damn you Washington!  We did see lots of other sights though mostly by wandering The Mall area including a few of the Smithsonian Institutions museums, the National Portrait gallery, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, U.S. Capitol and the White House.  I’m pretty certain Mr. Obama came home too as we were removed from the White House vicinity and a helicopter approached which looked all official.  Overall we had information overload, too much to do, and not enough time.  But I loved it.

U.S. Capitol

Rays of sunshine on the Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

The non-reflection pool and Washington Monument

Abe’s the man!

Massive pillars of the Lincoln Memorial

The White House


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