Over the James

Richmond, Virginia – oh how I love thee.  I also love knowing amazing people (Bettina) who have amazing friends (Dave) who let you stay in their house even when they are leaving town while you’re there.  The kindness of others is a definite stand out of our East Coast Road Trip and everything just fell into place.

We stayed in Richmond for 5 days, basically because we had 2 lists of things we must do from friends who know Richmond to a tee.  We had in depth lists like “go see Al at the restaurant Cous Cous, he wants to meet you and he works thursdays” and “go have beers and see my friend Johnny at Sticky Rice, they have half price sushi on mondays”.  It was awesome, and we did as much as we could fit into our short stay.  We had a cool little indie type street with cafes and good eats right around the corner from where we stayed in Carytown, and an old theatre called The Byrd which showed $1.99 films every night so we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  We also checked out Hollywood Cemetery, which is called Hollywood after the types of trees, not famous people although it did have 2 past presidents buried there.  It looked over the James River and we walked down and over the water to Belle Isle which was a beautiful nature reserve and really peaceful to just wander. There was also the Richmond Folk Festival on while we were there so on a particularly sunny day we headed down to the grassy hills to watch some local and national artists perform.

Most of the history here is from the Civil War and I now finally have an understanding about that period thanks to our visit to the Virginia Historical Society.  I also had to see the Virginia Museum of Fine Art after a recommendation and found glass mosaics, jewellery, bronzes, paintings, and silver by Louis Comfort Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) which I had no idea existed.  All I knew was his jewellery so it was a surprise.  There was also a lot of period furniture and design work which was unexpected when I thought all i’d be seeing was paintings.

It was definitely another place we didn’t want to leave.  It had that small town feeling even though it was a city, but we had to move on if we were going to make it to The Fest by the end of October. I’d really like to go back one day.  RVA rocks!

Back in the van we headed south… again.

The James River

Richmond Folk Festival

Ellen on the streets

View over the James from Hollywood Cemetery

On our way to Belle Isle

Highway over the James


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