You haven’t seen the earth until you’ve seen it from the sky

“You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.”  ~Amelia Earhart

Well is wasn’t really a tree, but more-so a lack of… Flying from Seattle to Boston was one of the most incredible flights I have ever experienced.  The sky was clear and the landscape was forever changing.  It was SO beautiful, and thankfully my camera bag was placed “securely-under-the-seat-in-front”.  Yes lady, I heard you.

I love to fly, it’s part of the experience of travelling and if you have to do it you may as well enjoy it.  I’m sure most people despise the confinement, but I sit back quietly and stare out the window and get lost in my thoughts.  Most of the time it’s just clouds or endless night sky, but on this particular occasion we boarded in the early morning and flew throughout the day.  You really put the earth into perspective up there – there is so much of it!



  1. P. Cakes

    awesome photos love!

  2. victoria

    wow can’t believe all those photos are from the same flight, the scenery really did change soo much. all looks soo pretty!

    ps i used to enjoy flying and just staring out the window quietly too (as long as there were so stinky fat strangers sitting next to me being weird) but those day are gone now – not nearly as relaxing with a baby/toddler that you’re responsible for! haha 🙂

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