New York, New York.

It’s been a bit of a mission – 8 hour bus ride from Whistler to Seattle including a border crossing.  One night on Elysia’s couch in Seattle. Wake up call at 5am for our flight to the east coast, Boston.  2 nights on Matt and Ruth’s couch. Then a 4 hour bus down to New York, New York. Quite possibly my favourite city in the world. That’s a big call, but i’m confident it’s true.

We did everything a regular tourist does. Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the High Line, Wall Street, saw Memphis on Broadway, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, cycled for 3 hours around Central Park, went bar hopping in the Lower East Side and the list keeps going.  This was Rohan’s second time visiting the Big Apple so he did them again with me. How nice.

We were there for 4 nights, in a shitty  and small room of the Vanderbilt YMCA.  Adequate enough though, and very central which was good.  When we were downtown wandering the streets on the second day we stubbled upon the Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zuccotti Park, which if you haven’t heard is a non-violent movement representing the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. Basically.  One of the other things we did though was the ICP (International Centre of Photography) which had 3 exhibits on including a 9/11 memorial of photographs which was really moving and incredibly sad.

We also ate pretzels and pizza, drank coffee at Starbucks and read The New York Times.  It’s what you do in NYC right?!  Here’s some photos, minus the day that my CF card failed and the images lost forever. Very sad. But they will forever be in my memory.  I had a great time in the big city.  Rohan and I didn’t even argue much about directions or dinners which was nice. Ha!

I heart NY. Seriously.

Times Square in all it's magical glory.

Signs of the Occupy Wall Street protest.

View from the Statue of Liberty ferry leaving Battery Park.

Statue of Liberty

The mighty New York City.

Grand Central Station

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park.

The Guggenheim Museum

The John Lennon Memorial

Riding in Central Park

The M&M megastore.

Times Square... again.

Empire State Building


Lego land.



  1. Love the pics Wendy!!
    Ive never been a person who was remotely interested in going to NY but you may have changed that!

  2. P. Cakes

    awesome pics! looks amazing. Even though you’ve seen the landmarks a million times in movies/tv, its so cool to see your personal photos!

  3. victoria

    wow wendy! those really are some great pics! glad you’re having such a fun time – minus the bit about losing a days worth of photos 😦

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