This week it was my birthday.  I didn’t really know how I was going to feel celebrating away from most of my family and friends, but I had Rohan here, and Pattie and Conrad, and my new friends from work.  So it was ok.

It was two days of celebrations, my Australian birthday on Monday and my Canadian birthday on Tuesday.  I was a bit confused, but I guess technically I could start requesting special attention from 11:14 am on Monday morning here.  That’s when the official twenty-seven rolled over.  I stretched it out for the 2 days anyway though.

So the events went as follows… skype with Dad, Mum, Granny and Daryl, sorbet cocktails at my place, 80’s theme night at Tommys, sweetest birthday gift from Rohan, mochas with cream, cookies, surprise gift from Victoria, horse riding with Patricia, massage, pedicure on Patricia’s patio, dinner with Rohan at Milestones, hot tub, cake, skype with Brenda, Bella and family (they had party hats and everything!) then bed.  Did I mention spoilt 🙂

I was mostly happy, but felt the emotion a few times when I thought about missing my family.  Skype helps.  But it’s still not the real thing.  I miss my family everyday but I missed them more when they were all together on my computer screen looking at me.  I just want a hug, that is all.  I’m even getting emotional now just thinking about it.

So the house is quiet now and its all back to normal.  Thank you all for the birthday well wishes.  I means so much when your on the other side of the earth.  Much love. xx



  1. Love the pics Wendy so beautiful!! Drifter is huge!! Looks like a perfect spot to go riding. You make me want to go riding again!!
    The 80’s party looks like so much fun 🙂 I like the 1st pic of you & Pattie its tooo cute.
    You made me tear up talking about home & missing your family…thanks for that!! xxxx

  2. victoria

    ohh, everyone is missing you too wendy!!! hartley sends big sloppy kisses 🙂 photos look like you had heaps of fun tho anyway!! you’ll be a pro at horse riding now too! miss you!!!!

  3. my heart is going to ache every time i read your blog. LOVE the blog, btw. 😀 happy birthday to you! xo

  4. Wow, love your blog! Looks so beautiful as do you, mwa!
    Great idea the blog – look forward to more adventure updates xxx

  5. I absolutely love your blog miss Wendy..your travel images are awesome makes me feel like I was there at all the places you’ve been! Looks like you’re having an amazing time, you look so cute in your 80s outfit!! miss you…Happy birthday!! xx

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