Two months of Whistler

I don’t know whether we have done enough or not enough in our time here.  It had been about 3 weeks of staying with Patricia and Conrad until we found a place of our own and managed to get part time jobs.  I’m working at Hatleys a children’s clothing store which also sells gelato, and it’s been a really nice change from my crazy work life back home.  Working back in retail has been unbelievably stress free. Rohan is doing landscaping and we are both working roughly 30 hours a week which has left plenty of time to sightsee around Whistler.  Blackcomb and Whistler mountains have their chairlifts open and I’ve been up quite a few times to photograph, go on hikes, and just sit and look out over the mountains and eat a packed lunch 🙂  There is still quite a bit of snow left up there as well as the weather hasn’t warmed up as much as it normally has in past summers.  Some days the sky is blue, but there is a hell of a lot of clouds around too.  The weather is pretty unpredictable, and it’s hard to plan what to do until you wake up in the morning and check out the window.  Slightly annoying.  It’s going to be a very long cold year ahead.

Here’s some shots from the surrounding mountains, of the surrounding mountains.  I’m not sure whether I have ever seen this many mountains in my life.

View from Whistler Mountain

Blue skies, Whistler.

Alta Lake, Whistler.

Whistler Mountain

Hiking trails on Whistler Mountain

Maintenance roads at the summit cleared for the summer

Summer sun

Hiking trails on Whistler Mountain

View from Blackcomb Mountain

Looking down into the valley from Blackcomb Mountain

Tree tops, Blackcomb Mountain.


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